Doctoral of Nursing Program In Indonesia

Universitas Indonesia (UI) launched a doctoral program (S3) Nursing first and only one in Indonesia is intended to enhance human resources in health.

"It is inherent in the demands and needs for development of science and technology in the health sector very rapidly," said Dean of the Faculty of Nursing UI Goddess Irawaty in Nursing Doctoral Program Launching the UI in Jakarta.

According her, nursing doctoral program in Indonesia has included lagging because first of Nursing Doctoral Program has been opened at the University of Columbia since 1923.

Indonesia, he said, the new higher education system started nursing in 1985 in the course of Nursing in the Faculty of Medicine (FK), new UI developed into an independent faculty in 1995 as a faculty to-12 in the UI.

This faculty, he said, had opened the master program in 1999 that with the increasing number of educated nurses is expected to improve the quality of health services to patients and society.

However, he cautioned, that the nursing doctoral program should be distinguished from nursing as a profession supporting the practice of medicine.

Nursing doctoral program is expected to produce good quality graduates as researchers, scientists, educators, and leaders in the community with international competence and be able to compete globally.
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