Nurses inspiration

Nurses inspiring not only able to work well, but also able to provide encouragement, motivation, spirit and influence on his colleagues in carrying out nursing care to patients.

Nurses inspiring is also able to work in a responsible, able to create a comfortable working atmosphere, do not expect praise from others but able to excel in the workplace and lingkunganya.

Nurses inspiring look at life as a calling and a job is seen as a medium to contribute to the patient and inspiring masyarakat.Perawat always strive to continuously improve the capabilities, skills and learn new things that are considered useful for others and the profession.

Nurses inspiring also have a good knowledge and expertise that qualified, both in theory and practice. Inspirational nurse also has a sharp analysis, has a proactive attitude and be able to take initiative and be able to find solutions to problems that arise.

Nurses inspiring have attitudes and skills to cooperate and work in a team, nurses also have inspirational leadership skills and good managerial and has extensive views and insights.

Finally, the Nurses inspiring indeed must have positive things that can inspire people. Semoga Indonesian nurses to become nurse inspirational for the quality of health services.
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