Role Of Nurse In The Treatment Of Elderly Patients

The more the increase in people with age above 60 years, the community faced various problems in the care. Nurses must take responsibility in caring for elderly patients so that they can become a happy, healthy and physically able to work wherever possible as long as possible within the limits of their abilities.

Nurses should be able to perform satisfactory interpersonal relationships with patients. They need tolerance and hospitality and nurses expected to be able to ease their adjustment in the ward.

The principle of treatment of elderly patients are happy and healed them, a nurse who works only rule is not suitable for treating patients with advanced age. should the nurse in charge, likes to be funny, can motivate patients to Work and to help solve problems and have time for the patient.

Too pampering can make patients dependent on nurses and patients can be childish. Nurses should be able to handle it. Treatment of elderly patients is not an easy maintenance and simple, for it demanded accuracy, precision and discipline ourselves according to circumstances.

Nurses who successfully treated elderly patients, no doubt have a positive personality, genuine interest, compassion for fellow human beings, patient, wise, friendly and have a sense of empathy.

Nurses must be able to get personal satisfaction knowing that he has helped to give happiness to patients without the need to see a great improvement gained from increasing the patient's condition.
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