Reflection of Professional Nurses

Reflection the value of professional nurses in nursing practice are grouped in the value of intellectual and moral commitments of interpersonal values, as follows:

The value of intellectual
Intellectual values in nursing practice consists of
a. Body of Knowledge
b. Education specialization (continued)
c. Using knowledge in thinking critically and creatively.

The value of moral commitment
Nursing services provided by the concept of altruistic, and pay attention to the code of ethics of nursing. According to Beauchamp & Walters (1989) professional services to the community needs integrity, moral commitment and ethical responsibility.

Aspects which should be the foundation of moral behavior is a nurse:
a. Beneficience
Nurses are always seeking decisions made ​​based on the will do my best and do not harm the client.

b. Fair
Does not distinguish clients based on religion, race, social, cultural, economic circumstances and so on, but memprlakukan clients as individuals who need help with the uniqueness.

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