The concept of Community Nursing

A. Philosophy
Belief in human values ​​that serve as guidelines in carrying out public health nursing care both for individuals, families, groups and communities.

1. Public Health Nursing is a noble and humane work devoted to the client.
2. Community Health Care is based on humanitarian efforts to promote growth and healthy human development for the realization of a healthy society in particular and in general.
3. Community Health Care Services must be affordable and acceptable to everyone.
4. Promotive and preventive efforts is the principal effort without ignoring curative and rehabilitative.
5. Public Health Nurses as providers and society as a consumer of health services, ensure a relationship of mutual support and influencing changes in policies and services keearah improving community health status
6. Development of sustainable community health workers.
7. Individuals in a society share responsibility for health.

B. Definition

1. WHO (1959)
Special treatment is a combination of nursing skills, knowledge of public health and social assistance, as part of overall public health programs to improve health, improvement of social conditions, physical environmental improvement, rehabilitation, disease prevention and greater danger, addressed to the individual, family, who have a problem where hl it affects society as a whole.
2. Ruth B. Freeman
A special field of nursing where nursing techniques, organizational skills applied in a harmonious relationship to the skills of other health professions and to other social workers in order to maintain public health.
3. American Nursing Association (ANA)
A synthesis of public health practice applied to enhance and maintain the health of the population.
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