Conceptual Model of Nursing

Medianers ~ Conceptual model of nursing is one way to look at the situation and conditions of employment involving the nurse in it.

Conceptual Model of Nursing by the expert: Florence Nightingale

  1. Definitions of nursing Profession for women with the goal of finding and using the natural laws in health development and health services.
  2. The reason for nursing action Placing man in the best condition naturally to heal or improve health and prevent disease and injury.
  3. The concept of individual It is the unity of physical, intellectual and metaphysical complete and potential.
  4. The concept of healthy State free from disease and can use its power fully.
  5. Environmental Concept External parts that affect the health and sickness.

Virginia Henderson

  1. Definitions of nursing Assistance given to individuals both in healthy condition or illness in activities to achieve good health or recover from illness, so he has the strength, desire and knowledge.
  2. The reason for nursing action
    The approach taken to meet the 14 components of nursing.
  3. The concept of individual
    Circumstances in which biology can not be separated between the mind and body.
  4. The concept of healthy The ability of independent function in conjunction with 14 components.
  5. Environmental Concept Not clearly defined, can be positive or negative action.

Sister Callista Roy

  1. Definitions of nursing An analysis of processes and actions in relation to care for sick or potentially sick person.
  2. The reason for nursing action
    Nursing activity derived from the model where a process of assessment and interventions conducted by the context keprawatan role and including manipulation of the stimuli.
  3. The concept of individual Biopsychosocial state is a constant interaction with environmental change, human nature as an open adaptive system.
  4. The concept of healthy The range of ill health is a continuous line which shows the status of health or illness in which someone takes experience and time. Healthy illness is part of human life.
  5. Environmental Concept
    An ongoing condition and affect the surroundings and the development of organisms and groups of organisms.
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1. Definitions of nursing Science and art-centered life.

2. The reason for nursing action Qualitative participation of someone with a health care experienced by individuals.

3. The concept of individual Open relationship that extends to the free world to select the desired situation.

4. The concept of healthy The process for seeking one's experience.

5. Environmental Concept A collaboration to produce a quality of energy exchange with the individual.

Myra Estrin Levine

1. Definitions of nursing Human interaction is based on scientific principles used in the nursing process.

2. The reason for nursing action Individual care that is holistic for each need someone, someone to encourage nurses to adapt.

3. The concept of individual Interaction of complex individuals who are between the internal and external environments that change adaptation.


1. Definitions of nursing Sciences and professions that have a center on the meaning of life (healthy)

2. The reason for nursing action Centered on the development process to enhance health.

3. The concept of individual The system is open, thorough, which is characterized as the basic rhythm of life.

4. The concept of healthy Continuous development of the full potential of human characteristics, awareness of the meaning of life.

Imogane M. King

1. Definitions of nursing A process of human interaction between nurse and client.

2. The reason for nursing action Nurses and the clients observe each other in the information, komuniksai, situation, goals and actions to achieve goals.

3. The concept of individual an open system of exchange of matter, energy and the environment are limited.

4. The concept of healthy Dynamic rules of stressors in the external and internal environment through optimum use of mencapoai maximum potential in everyday life.

5. Environmental Concept Sustu open system that shows the problem of energy exchange, information with human existence.(Foto:

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