Employment and Business Opportunities With Nurse Telenursing

(Employment and Business Opportunities With Nurse Telenursing /Peluang kerja dan bisnis perawat dengan Telenursing) By. Muncul Wilyana, SKep.Nurs / Translate with google By. Medianers.com / Original text.

Today the world has been a continued increase confidence in various technologies to meet information needs. The development of information technology has also penetrated the world of health. Health care needs of nursing also includes a fast, efficient and effective to the demands of today's modern society. People have become increasingly familiar with the cyber world or the media on the Internet to obtain health information. Next desire hope will develop into health care through advanced information media such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, call center that allows people to obtain health care without having to leave home.

The growth of Internet users in Indonesia has increased. Predicted by 2010 there are 54 million Internet users in Indonesia. A number of fantastic size and is an opportunity for nurses to improve nursing service coverage throughout the territory of Indonesia with high efficiency. internet information technology, the term telemedicine, telehealth and telenursing became popular as one model of health care. (Martono N. www.inna.ppni.org .2006).

Telenursing already implemented in many countries like in America, Greece, Israel, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Jordan, India and even Malaysia. Organization of American nurses in 1999 had recommended the development of a comprehensive analysis of the use telenursing. In the United States, 36% of increased need for nursing home care within the next 7 years can be overcome with telenursing and in another party state is reported to have use of telecommunications services at home to care home care with telenursing.

Health services, especially nursing distance using the media of information technology (internet) to provide convenience to the public. Community or patient does not need to come to the hospital, doctor or nurse to get health care. The time required for health services is also getting shorter. Patients can only home and make contact via the internet or via video converence to get health information, treatment and even medication. Many other advantages when we use technology in nursing distance service (Telenuring) are:

   1.Effective and efficient in terms of cost of nursing.
   2.With minimal resources to meninggkatkan scope and reach of nursing care without geographic boundaries
   3.Can reduce the number of visits and length of stay in hospital
   4.Can be utilized in the field of nursing education (distance learning model) and the development of health informatics-based nursing research. Telenursing campus can also be used with video conferencing, online learning and Multimedia Distance Learning.

Also telekomonuikasi elektronikal is the best access to educational opportunities, a new method of documenting, improving access to information, pengembangkan decision making abilities that can help make changes in the professionalization of nurses.

Remote nursing practice (telenursing) in Indonesia has not developed as in developed countries like America or Australia. Telenursing usage in Indonesia is still limited to the areas of education such as that developed at GMU through an e-learning or e-lisa model that is integrated in all GMU faculty and several other private universities.

Recently, in Indonesia standing organization that is engaged in nursing care services at home (Home Care.) Home care in Indonesia have not used the system Telenursing, but still a home visit, which means nurses visit the homes of patients to be treated directly not using sophisticated technology services. The medium used is still limited to the use of media as a call center phone. And that's still limited to big cities, the district has not touched home care services.

This model of nursing care (home care) actually can be regarded as long-distance nursing care services (telenursing) although very simple. At least professional organizations to quickly build the concept of the development of long-distance care services by developing a Home Care already underway to improve the coverage of services to these areas and in the end we really can develop services through the use of more advanced technology facilities.

That need to be prepared is how to answer questions about the legality rather than health services (nursing distance) as follows: Do you think care practitioners and professional care, care which is presented by electronic distance is the practice of science care. Is the care of treatment with no touch of the hands of nurses and only use telekonference communication is arguably the nursing care that legal?

Actually, these questions were answered when we underlie the workings Telenursing, where nurses use knowledge, skills, considerations and critical thinking that can not be separated in the (in) science education care. Activity has been given license to perform nursing care. Legal definition of science treatments almost always include 1) Use care sciences education, 2) critical thinking, and 3) decision making. So it is clear that Telenursing a nursing job opportunities legal profession. Tantunya professional organizations in support of licensing is needed.

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