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This post is closed discussion on the facebook group, I think is interesting, so posted in Medianers as learning, such as the following discussion:

Oy Imamora
Malpractice in nursing, is there? Do not he admitted the nurse, but he did not, based nursing care.

Puthrie Rhida
Oy! .. Who says there are no nursing malpractice? and why do you not admit it, you are also a nurse right? nursing review again, before I apologize, not criticizing nurses, but also why many nurses who make mistakes that are not in accordance with procedures that cause disability and death.

Oy Imamora
hemm! .. I am also a nurse!
Nursing malpractice do not know, let alone who worked at the hospital, that there is mallbeneficience.

Anton Wijaya Creative
Deviate from the norm is considered normal or mall, I estimate malpractice definition of "deviate from normal practice allows for resulting harm to another person, both physical and material." Reference to avoid malpractice is that we work according to SOP disuatu institution where we work.

Oy Imamora
But if the case as submitted by the princess, I do not agree that malpractice, nursing malpractice let alone say! Because the standard of nursing practice, nursing is a good value! Refer back to the nursing care plan as a blueprint for nursing care, whether the act was signed into 4 categories of nursing instruction?

Anton Wijaya Creative
If you said there was no mall in nursing practice, it is wrong, can I demonstrated: Nurse A, did not perform basic nursing care in patients with total bedrest, such as bathing on a bed, adjust the position every hour, etc. until resulting in decubitus patients, it could have been prosecuted for not implementing nursing care nursing properly so that the patient has a decubitus and could end up disabled.

Oy Imamora
We examine the use of the word malpractice nurse! Be careful not to equate with other woods profession! Those entitled to apply malpractice is a person who is registered / perform a specific action according to his profession. How many Indonesian nurses who registered?

While the nursing practice laws are not there to set it! So do not be until one in understanding! If the patient is a decubitus, fall, see the first blue print her care, there is not in it! When available, the nurses take action neggligency, non beneficience! Not malpractice!

To be continued ....... to
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