Roles and Responsibilities of Nurses Gerontic

The phenomenon that becomes the field of nursing gerontik is unfulfilled basic human needs of elderly as a result of the aging process.

Scope of Nursing Gerontic include
1. Prevention of disability due to the aging process
2. The treatment is intended to meet the needs due to the aging process
3. Recovery efforts aimed at addressing the needs due to the aging process

In practice Nursing Gerontic include the role and functions as follows
1. As a Care Giver / caregivers directly
2. As an elderly client Educators
3. As a Motivator
4. As Advocacy
5. For Counselors

Nurses Responsibility Gerontic
1. Helping elderly clients obtain optimal health
2. Helping elderly clients to maintain their health
3. Helping elderly clients receiving condition
4. Helping elderly clients dying by being treated humanely until death
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