8 Patient safety tips

Building a Safer Health System. World Health Organization (WHO) called for a broad national effort to include establishment of a Center for Patient Safety, expanded reporting of adverse events, development of safety programs in health care organizations, and attention by regulators, health care purchasers, and professional societies. The majority of media attention, however, focused on the staggering statistics: from 44,000 to 98,000 preventable deaths annually due to medical error in hospitals, 7,000 preventable deaths related to medication errors alone.

8 solutions for patient safety in hospitals, of which reads as follows:

1. Be careful with the use of drug name, form and words that are similar.
2. Identify clearly the identity of the patient.
3. Communication is true when the handover / transfer patients.
4. Make sure the correct action on the right side of the body.
5. Control fluid electrolit (concetrated).
6. Use of disposable injection equipment.
7. Increase hand hygiene to prevent nosocomial infection.
8. Ensure accuracy of the administration of drugs on the transfer of service.
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