Diabetes mellitus type 2, what is it?

Medianers ~ Diabetes mellitus type 2 - are called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM, "diabetes is not dependent on insulin") - due to a combination of "defects in insulin production" and "insulin resistance" or "reduced insulin sensitivity" (the defect tissue response to insulin), which involves the insulin receptor in cell membranes.

At this early stage the most important abnormality is reduced insulin sensitivity, characterized by increased levels of insulin in the blood. At this stage hyperglycemia can be over in various ways and Anti Diabetes Drugs that improve insulin sensitivity or reduce glucose production from the liver, but the more severe the disease, decreased insulin secretion, and insulin therapy is sometimes needed.

There are some theories that say the exact cause and mechanism of this resistance, but central obesity is known as a predisposing factor to insulin resistance, possibly in connection with the expenditure of adipokines (a group of hormones) that damage the glucose tolerance. abdominal fat. Obesity was found approximately 90% of patients developed world diagnose with type 2 diabetes.

Other factors may include the brood and the family history, although in the decade that was] the end has been rising steadily began to affect teenagers and children.(Foto:pixabay.com)

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