Role of Virginia Henderson in nursing

Virginia Henderson was born in 1897, the fifth child of 8 siblings in family. He is native of Kansas City. Henderson spent his growth in Virginia because his father practiced law in Washington D, C.

During World War I Henderson interested in the science of care. Then in 1918 he entered the Military Nursing School in Washington DC Henderson graduated in 1921 and occupies a position as a staff nurse at the Henry Street Visiting Nurse Service in New York. In 1922, Henderson began teaching science care in Norfolk Prostetan Hospital in Virginia.

Five years later he into Teacher's college at Columbia University where he won in succession berturt M.A B.S degree in education and care. In 1929, Henderson became teaching clinic supervisor at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York.

He returned to the Teacher's college in 1930 as a teacher, giving analytical process of training and practice of clinical care until 1948. Henderson enjoyed a long career as a writer of researchers.

While teaching in the Teacher's college, he rewrote the fourth edition Bertha Harmer writing Textbook of the Principles and Practice of Nursing and practice of Nursing after the death of the author. This edition was published in 1939. The fifth edition of the book was published in 1955 and contain a definition of science maintenance work of Henderson. Hnderson bergabungdengan Yale university since the early 1950 and has done so much for further treatment through research this association. Starting in 1959 until 1971. Henderson heads the Nursing Studies Index Project, sponsored Yale. Nursing Studies Index into four volume is equipped with biography index maintenance, analysis, and literary history since in 1900 until 1959.

In the 1980s, Henderson was still active as a Research Associate Emeritus at Yale. Henderson achievements and influence in the nursing profession has provide more than doctoral degree and first Christiane Reimann Award time for him.
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